Endoscopy System

Aohua VM2000 Endoscopy System


Excellent color reproduction

  • With excellent color adjustment function, it can maintain most easy observed color with pictures at anytime. Operator can simply change the color by push button.
  • With Auto light adjustment function, it can adjust brightness to make the observation in the best condition.

Light source with high luminance

  • Low-power and high luminance can freely adjust brightness but no change light color
  • It is with plenty functions inside of small and lightweight cover that occupancies small space and moves conveniently.
  • Long life and Mute Air pump.

Frame Freeze

  • 4-images frozen and stored continuously.
  • 4-images shown simultaneously.
  • 4-images playback scrolling.
  • Part of single image enlarged.

Connect to Computer

  • To connect to computer to expand functions like capturing and storing more images, and recording the data including patient’s name, sex, age, doctor’s name, description, diagnosis so on. It also can print the reports with both literal and photos.

Excellent Optical System

  • Super-high Resolution: with 440K pixels of Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD),makes you enjoy top class of image quality and reflects high-definitions and perfect color.
  • Circular image makes observation clear.
  • Both big and small images display, picture in picture feature makes observation easier.

Completely waterproof design

  • VME series can be immersed completely into detergent solution when cleaning and disinfection.
  • Convenient Leakage Tester can promptly confirm whether endoscopes damage to prevent from deep damage by water.
  • Innovated Control Body makes comfortable feelings and more flexible operation.
  • To release operator pressure by angle operation, traction chain structure, and flexible bending section.
  • The durability of whole equipment is improved by long life design of bending section.
  • It is becoming from soft to rigid from the distal end of insertion tube, which allows operator to insert while applied freely and minimizes patients’ pain.
Technical Specification

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