Hospi Medik Indonesia

Hospi Medik Indonesia is a fast-growing medical supplier company that specializes in Medical Equipments in the field of Surgery, Medical Imaging, Radiology, Patient Care and Life Support.

We are a customer-driven agent with a commitment to distribute high quality products with warranty, competitive pricing, satisfying after-sales services and prompt customer service.

We are fully dedicated in helping our physician customers to deliver high quality care and enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients, through our innovative and exclusive medical products portfolio.


Hospi Medik Indonesia was established in 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia.



We source well-renowned Medical Equipment manufacturers from all over the world, and is still constantly developing our product portfolio to fulfill the ever-changing needs of healthcare in Indonesia. Together with our experienced employees, we always strive to enhance the sale of our products with excellent customer service and maintenance.


Hospi Medik Indonesia aims to be a leading Medical Equipment supplier, with a vision to enable millions of patients an access to a well-deserved healthcare.


We constantly strive to grow together with our customers by providing innovative medical solutions to thousands of health professionals across Indonesia, through  world-renowned products and services of the highest quality.


Hospi Medik Indonesia is managed by professional resources with expertise in Indonesian Medical Industry.

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