Healthcare Solutions

Qualified Personnels

Supported by hundreds of professional employees from Marketing, Administrations, Sales, and Engineers determined to deliver better solutions.

After Sales Services

We are committed to delivering excellent after-sales and maintenance services, with the readiness of prompt response to our customers.

Distribution Channel

We have large distribution channels that stimulate the company to grow rapidly. Valued and loyal distributors in major cities all over Indonesia.


Hospi Medik Indonesia is a fast-growing medical supplier company that specializes in the sale of Medical Equipments in the field of Surgery, Patient Care and Life Support.

We are a customer-driven agent with a commitment to distribute high quality products with warranty, competitive pricing, satisfying after-sales services and prompt customer service.

We are fully dedicated in helping our physician customers to deliver high quality care and enhanced clinical outcomes for their patients, through our innovative and exclusive medical products portfolio.

We continuously evolve to be a leading medical distribution company, known for high-standard products and services to fulfill customer satisfaction.


We have various and large products range to make up hospital medicine facility, including Surgical, Patient Care, and Life Support, among others. Selection of the most popular brands of medical equipment.