MEDILAND Electric Surgical Table Smart P2000 Elegance



Product Description

The SMART P2000 surgical table is well designed for Cardio-Thoracic surgeries, Neuro-surgeries & Orthopedic surgeries. Slim column & compact base provide sufficient legroom for surgeons. Offset column design maximizes the C-arm coverage upto 85% without any table adjustments. Auxiliary control provides backup support. Built-in backup battery. Auto leveling function. Electric floor lock & manual footpump.

Technical Specification

Table length (with side rails): 1994mm; Table width (without siderails): 500mm; Table height (without mattress): 700-1045mm; Trend/Re-trend: 45°/20°; Lateral tilt (L/R): 20°; Upper Back (up/down): 40°/55°; Lower Back (up/down): 75°/15°; Leg (up/down): 24°/90°; Head (up/down): 33°/90°; Weight capacity: 182 Kg.