MEDILAND MediLED Symphony Surgical Light MediLED 766



Product Description

MediLED 766 is an abundant, clear and even light field. The light pattern can be easily adjusted using a motorized control to every kind of surgical procedure and operating room environment. MediLED is able to maintain a consistent light intersity at distances of 70 cm to 150 cm. MediLED creates a uniform light cylinder that can reach and illuminate various depths in any wound area. MediLED 766 triple lighthead combination of one main light & two satelite lights. Ideal for cardio-vascular OT room.

Technical Specification

Intensity: 3* 160k Lux; Color Temperature: 3900K, 4300K, 4700K (adjustable); Color Rendering Index (R9): 95; Patern Size: 18-30cm; LED’s Lifetime: 50,000h; Depth of Illumination: 80cm; Motorized sterile handle for adjustment of pattern size & lihgthead positioning; User friendly touch screen controller.