MEDILAND SlimLED Surgical Light SlimLED 55 CA



Product Description

SlimLED represents another series of new lighting systems from Mediland’s LED surgical lighting product line. The slim­mest, most easily installed surgical light­ing system to arrive on market. Surpassing traditional lighting systems in all aspects, this product brings perfect form, brilliant lighting, full functionality and cost savings to the ever demanding hospital administrations and surgeons.

Technical Specification

Intensity: 2* 160k Lux; Color Temperature: 4300K; Color Rendering Index (R9): 95; Patern Size: 20cm; LED’s Lifetime: 50,000h; Depth of Illumination: 110cm; Number of Bulbs: 80*2; Electrical lighting focus control (ELFC) with 3 different modes: Near, Middle & Tele Focus; In-light Camera with 40x zoom ratio & 440.000 pixel rate.